25 June 2008

Personal record

I think I actually had a call hit a personal low last night, which is definitely more difficult after 2 1/2 years. Patient called 911 stating he was outside the emergency room with a seizure problem and they wouldn't see him because he didn't have any insurance. Ahem, can I get a BullShit from the congregation?! See, we know you're full of it before we get there because hospitals will get in BIG regulatory doo-doo for refusing to see a patient.

Anyway, patient stated he was outside, but when we get there, no patient. No patient in the triage/waiting area. Marco? Marco? No Polo. We find him, IN A ROOM in the ER. I sit down with his nurse before I go see him because I'm sure there's a story here that I'm not going to get from the patient. Frequent flyer who usually leaves against medical advice or prior to being evaluated. Here for a "medication problem". Pissed because lab results would not be released to him without being seen by the doctor and he didn't want to waste his valuable time waiting; doctor was in talking with him when we got there.

Coming out of patient's room, doc sees us and states he is not releasing him for transport, we can't take him. Hey doc, guess what?! He's already at the closest appropriate facility, we don't need to take him and definitely don't want to reward this ridiculous behavior. Calling 911 to reduce your wait time at the ER, a new low point for inappropriate wasting of my time.


Ellie said...

Wow. That is freaking amazing. I laughed out loud when you found him in the room! Lol. It would be funny if it weren't so sad. If you see him again, you can give him a smack in the face from me.

manchmedic said...

Absolutely unbelievable.... Perhaps he needed to have a reason to be in an ED bed - like a hard blow to the head with a blunt object.

Well, maybe not - why risk damaging the object used for beating?