07 February 2008

Tired of being sick

Why does every cold have to turn into something miserable? I was feeling pretty darn good about not being sick lately, which was obviously the cue for the local virus to hop on board and change that. Lately, colds have been dropping down into respiratory infections for me, with a lovely hacking cough that won't quit. This one likes sinuses better. I spend all day feeling like someone is standing on my head. No matter how much snot I push out, the pressure doesn't stop. Decongestant won't touch it, somehow it is beyond the reach of mere pills. Stupid virus.

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make mine trauma said...

Sorry you can't fix your virus but you know you can fix the format on your blog, right? You know that the posts are in the first column but at the bottom of the page, right?
Just checking, not trying to be a smart ass.....