06 January 2008

Non-writing holiday

Okay, so I haven't been posting. Honestly, we've been working on the kitchen and I've been rocking out to Guitar Hero. I got kinda bummed about my camera, so I haven't been keeping up with photos of all the kitchen work either. K and I put together some camera phone pictures so we could post something at least, check out the recent work on the right.

Today we worked 6 hours on the kitchen and got a bunch of the backerboard for the ceramic tile done, should have the rest finished tomorrow. Tile itself will probably have to wait until Wednesday when we're both around because I don't know how to run the wet saw and it is on loan from someone.

Work has been going okay, there's been a lot of little annoying stuff going on with management, but nothing I feel reasonable writing about. The Asian and I made the evening news twice in three days (damn, two station lunches!), once for a doozy of a MVA and once when we hauled off the only smoke inhalation patient from a fire.

Living in NH during a campaign season is extremely annoying. Large mobs of political supporters on many corners, freezing, shouting, and swinging signs. Thankfully, no ambulance calls for political-related assaults or injuries yet.

I'll try to be better about posting. Biochemistry class starts on 1/23 and yes, the plan is to be done with the kitchen by then so I have time to study. Later!

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