20 August 2007

Been a long time

Hello again. I know, I missed you too. Yes, I'm a jerk because I never write and I never call. Sorry 'bout that.

I've been writing for quite some time now about EMT stuff with less about where I think I'm heading in life. Transitions take time, patience and an unending supply of optimism. I usually run 1/3 and have been feeling stagnant. I finished all this year's medical school apps, and just today got an invite for my first interview, so I feel like at least I'm moving again. Seven apps takes a lot of motivation to finish when there were some with 3-4 essay questions on them, including such gems as dinner with someone famous, motivation to be a physician, and personal unique contribution to the class. Blech.

I'm still working as an EMT and enjoying it. I have a new partner, "The Asian". Only in NH could you nickname someone like that, implying that they are the only one because here, he is. He's had that nickname for longer than he's been working for our company, so don't gripe at me about it. The 3-and-1 schedule has been quite nice. Company-level b.s. still happens on my transfer days, but at least it is only once a week. I remain pretty much a white cloud, but every now and then we get something interesting.

There is still unrest with family issues and for some reason I always let it affect me more than other people think is rational. Yes, TX is a long distance from here, so I don't have to get involved with the day-to-day difficulties. When it involves the only family I have, I give myself the freedom to be a little irrational at times. I had a period of two days where I was struggling just to keep afloat and the littlest negative comment was leading to overreaction and near- hysterics. Thankfully, I've now got the experience to be able to realize what is happening. It doesn't stop the hysterics but at least I know that it will pass.

Yes, I will try to write more. I'm toying with the idea of joining fantasy football, so that will eat some time, but now that I'm not volunteering with the FD any more, I've got a little more time. I do have another volunteer opportunity in the works, but it hasn't panned out yet...


manchmedic said...

Gotta love that Chinese redneck from Kentucky.... :-)

Ellie said...

good to see you back!

Ellie said...

Oh yeah, say hi to the Asian for me!