16 July 2007

Last words

Your Famous Last Words Will Be:

"So, you're a cannibal."

Okay, this little widget cracked me up to no end, thanks to MonkeyGirl. Three simple questions and I'm fairly sure they got it right. I was thinking about last words because K has had 2 deaths in his last 2 shifts at the FD. If there's any joke to be made about situations like this, you can guarantee they will be made at some point by somebody.

The first death actually seemed to have affected K in a way I haven't seen before. The fact that he's still talking about it kinda clues me in. The second one today was entirely different, but seemed to disturb him on a different level. I'm not sure how far to push him with this beyond just letting him talk about it when he needs to, but honestly I'm still annoyed with his complete lack of response to the last call that stuck with me (post still in progress on that one). He has a completely different reaction to these calls than I would, so I don't know what he needs and he sure isn't going to tell me. But I'm still working at it.

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manchmedic said...

Everyone's reactions to death - different deaths at different times, even - are going to vary from person to person and victim to victim. Give him some more time, mon ami; he'll come around when he's ready. And there may be emotion associated with it that neither he (nor possibly you) would expect....

Be well.