22 March 2007


Big changes afoot here - again. There's a reason the word transition is in the title, my life seems to change drastically every couple of months. April 1st brings a return to full-time ambulance work, but this time on an ALS shift instead of a BLS shift. Instead of 5 8-hour days, I'll have 1 10-hour day on a 911 truck, 1 14-hour overnight on a 911 truck, and 2 12-hour day transfer shifts. Add that all up, 48 hours - guaranteed overtime every week. Until she leaves, I'll be partnered with Ellie which is disappointing only in the fact that I know she's leaving. I've heard only good things about her personally, her skills as a medic, and working with her in general.

A 48-hour work week on the ambulance, plus the 20-hour work week at the office job equals a shortage of time to volunteer with the FD. My two transfer shifts are on the weekend so I won't be able to volunteer on the rotating every-5th-weekend schedule no matter what. I could probably change to another night for the during-the-week portion, but I sent an email to the chief and I've gotten no response so I'm guessing I might be done with them. There are a lot of political issues swirling around and through the department, many centered on volunteers and call firefighters, and the short story is that the full-timers wouldn't really be sorry to be short another volunteer. It isn't anything personal, more of a negotiating tactic than anything else. Tonight might be one of my last two nights with the FD, so I'll have to hope for at least one call so I can leave feeling useful.

Still no official word from the last medical school yet. At the interview, they suggested everyone assume that no news was really good news because it meant you were still being considered. I'm fairly certain a letter one way or the other is going to show up in the next couple weeks and I'll let you know about it when I get done crying or hyperventilating over the financial burden.

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