20 February 2007


The quiet here is a result of my complete lack of inspiration to write. I'm waiting out the days until vacation - enjoying them and living fully in them, but not really holding anything in my mind except the vision of me sunning myself near a pool and maybe K splashing around somewhere since he doesn't like to be still.

My interview for med school is between now and vacation, but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing about it. I've done some brainstorming on things I want to highlight when I talk to people, and I had a couple of questions I wanted to ask - but then the school sent me a DVD that answered some of them. I haven't been able to generate much anxiety about the issue since I bought my new suit and new shoes. Apparently my issue was mostly fashion-related. For those who want to know, navy blue with white pin-stripes, a lavender shell, and some 2" navy heels. K encouraged me out of the house to get it done and sat patiently through all the try-ons and debating over color, style, cut and even gave an immediate positive reaction to the final selection. He even went shoe shopping on a search for the "gunmetal gray" shoes the saleslady recommended. I love that man and I rewarded him with steak dinner at a real sit-down restaurant.

I'm sick. I rode with a partner on Friday who was stuffy, sniffling, and so on, and sure enough, come Sunday I felt that little twinge in the back of my throat and by today I'm stuffed and miserable. I almost always get colds that start in my sinuses and drop to my lungs, so by vacation, I'll probably be hacking up a lung every couple of hours.

The office job drags on...nothing new to report.

911 at the ambulance co has been busy lately, but that hasn't involved me much. Saturday morning I missed the truck leaving for a call at 0640 as I was walking in the door for a 0700 start. I wasn't too worried, but I did feel bad after the guy who was supposed to be leaving in the morning didn't get off shift until 0900 because they just kept getting calls before they could make it back to the station. In the end, I hitched a ride with a wheelchair driver and met them at one of the hospitals so he could go home. Also, a fair proportion of my emergency calls lately have been no transport sign-offs where we evaluate people and they decide not to go to the hospital. None of them have been people I worried about after I left the scene, so I think they were all appropriate, but it doesn't give me much to write about.

FD has been slow for night call volume, so nothing to report on the volunteer side either. Town meeting on the budget is coming up right after vacation, so I suppose we'll probably have to go be involved in that lest the tax-cutting enthusiasts decide that we can run the town on even less money than last year.

Anyway, I think you can see the problem. I'll keep trying to find something more interesting, but I don't want to do a lot of posts on what is not going on.

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